Recombinaison Dynamics photovoltaïques en couches minces de matériaux par résolution temporelle Micro-ondes Conductivity


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Guse, J. A., Jones, T. W., Danos, A., McCamey, D. R. Recombination Dynamics in Thin-film Photovoltaic Materials via Time-resolved Microwave Conductivity. J. Vis. Exp. (121), e55232, doi:10.3791/55232 (2017).

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Name Company Catalog Number Comments
Hellmanex III detergent Sigma Aldrich
Z805939 Corrosive and toxic. See SDS.
Lead(II) iodide (99%) Sigma Aldrich
211168 Toxic. See SDS.
Anhydrous dimethylformamide (99.8%) Sigma Aldrich
227056 Toxic. See SDS.
Anhydrous dimethylsulfoxide (99.9%) Sigma Aldrich
276855 Toxic. See SDS.
Anhydrous 2-Propanol (99.5%) Sigma Aldrich
Methylammonium iodide Dyesol
MS101000 Also sold by Sigma Aldrich
Poly(methyl methacrylate) Sigma Aldrich 445746
Anhydrous chlorobenzene (99.8%) Sigma Aldrich
284513 Toxic. See SDS.
Equipment Company Model Comments/Description
UV-VIS-NIR spectrophotometer Perkin-Elmer  Lambda 900
Profilometer Veeco Dektak 150
Vector Network Analyzer Keysight
Fieldfox N9918A
Tunable wavelength laser Opotek
Opolette 355
Neutral density filters Thorlabs
Power meter Thorlabs
Power sensor Thorlabs
Cavity Custom built The cavity used in for this experiment was designed and built in-house.



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