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Histological analysis of SLC38A6 (SNAT6) expression in mouse brain shows selective expression in excitatory neurons with high expression in the synapses.
PUBLISHED: 01-01-2014
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SLC38A6 is one of the newly found members of the solute carrier 38 family consisting of total 11 members, of which only 6 have been characterized so far. Being the only glutamine transporter family expressed in the brain, this family of proteins are most probably involved in the regulation of the glutamate-glutamine cycle, responsible for preventing excitotoxicity. We used immunohistochemistry to show that SLC38A6 is primarily expressed in excitatory neurons and is not expressed in the astrocytes. Using proximity ligation assay, we have quantified the interactions of this SLC38 family protein with other proteins with known localization in the cells, showing that this transporter is expressed at the synapses. Moreover, this study has enabled us to come up with a model suggesting sub-cellular localization of SLC38A6 at the synaptic membrane of the excitatory neurons.
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