Dario Polli


Politecnico di Milano

Dario Polli

Dario Polli is Associate Professor of Physics at Politecnico di Milano (Italy).

His main research focus is on coherent Raman spectroscopy and microscopy, ultrafast and non-linear optics, Fourier-transform spectroscopy and time-resolved pump-probe spectroscopy and microscopy. He received many research grants as Principal Investigator, such as an ERC Consolidator grant, two ERC Proof of Concept grants, an ICT H2020 collaborative project and an EIC Transition. As of May 2022, he published >115 scientific papers on international journals, provided >30 invited talks and several oral presentations at international conferences. His H-index is 37. He became OPTICA Fellow in 2022 "For pioneering contributions to ultrafast spectroscopy and nonlinear label-free microscopy". The total number of citations of his papers is more than 6000. He filed four patents related to spectroscopy. He is co-founder of NIREOS (www.nireos.com) and Specto Photonics (http://spectophotonics.com/). He is passionate about Science and Science divulgation to the public.