Isabel Mateos White

Department of Cell Biology

Universitat de València

Isabel Mateos-White
PhD student

Isabel Mateos White studied Biology at the University of Salamanca. During those years, she performed a stage in the Immunity and Infection Laboratory at the Clinical Hospital of Valladolid and participated in a research to improve the production of metabolites using genetic engineering in plant cell cultures in the Plant Physiology Department. Also, she completed one course abroad at University of Rennes 1 (France). She arrived at the University of Valencia to study the master’s degree in Basic and Applied Neurosciences, carrying out in Gil-Sanz lab her master thesis about the role of a cell adhesion molecule in the migration of later-born projection neurons. Currently, her work as a PhD student is focused on the postnatal activation of SVZ-NSCs, using in-utero electroporation in Gil-Sanz lab.