Kaiyue Zhang

School of Medicine

Nankai University

Kaiyue Zhang

Kaiyue Zhang is a Ph. D. student in the school of medicine, Nankai University, China. She received her Bachelor of Science degree from Soochow University, and the Master of Science in Physiology from Nankai University.

Kaiyue Zhang’s scientific interests encompass molecular imaging and stem cell therapy. During the Master’s training, she developed a focus on research that monitors cells, cell-derived exosomes and the potential mechanisms in physiological and pathological processes by fluorescent and bioluminescent imaging. In addition, she has engaged in several research initiatives aiming at the optimization of mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) based therapy through bioactive materials. Recently, she devotes herself to investigate the role of endogenous stem cells in MSCs induced regeneration by using linage tracing, which would provide novel strategy for the clinical application of stem cell therapy.