Manuel Iburg

Department of Molecular Physiology and Cell Biology

FMP Berlin

Manuel Iburg
M. Sc.

Studied life science at the Leibniz University of Hanover and at the Tokyo Institute of Technology. Scientific staff and PhD applicant at the FMP from 07/2015 to 12/2019. Currently working on PhD thesis.


형광 일생 화상 진찰을 사용하여 노화 C. Elegans에 있는 아밀로이드 구조물의 특성화

1Leibniz Research Institute for Molecular Pharmacology im Forschungsverbund Berlin, 2NeuroCure Cluster of Excellence, Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin, 3Molecular Neuroscience Group, Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology, University of Cambridge, 4Cell Biology, University of Bremen

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