Omel Mendoza-Yero

Department of Physics (Optics Area)

University Jaume I

Omel Mendoza-Yero

Omel Mendoza-Yero got the BSc and PhD in Physics from Havana University, Cuba, in 1998 and 2005, respectively. From 1998 to 2002 he was part of the Optoelectronics group at Researcher the National Centre for Scientific Research in Cuba. At that time, his main research activities were addressed to the study and characterization of polychromatic Gaussian beams as well as to the introduction of different laser devices in Medicine (e.g., the CO2 laser scalpel LQ 25). In 2002 he moves to the Laboratory of Laser Technology in Havana University to work on tasks related to the development of laser devices and technologies for both Medicine and Materials applications. In 2006, he joins the Photonics Research Group (GROC UJI) at the University Jaume I, Spain, to carry out research in the fields of non-linear optical processes, micro-processing of materials, non-linear microscopy, and recently, the generation of novel optical techniques for shaping the complex field of laser beams by using spatial light modulators. Additionally, he has been temporarily joined to other Scientific Institutions such as: The School of Optics at the Complutense University in Madrid, the “Abdus Salam” International Centre for Theoretical Physics in Italy, or the Institute of Technology “Prof. Jorge A. Sabato” in Argentina.

Thorough the time, he has authored more than 50 manuscripts published in peer reviewed journals within multidisciplinary areas, and around 120 contributions to Scientific Congresses and Symposiums. It should be also highlighted his participation in research projects on a widely topics that include the generation of controllable non-linear effects with femtosecond pulses and the development of pulse shaping techniques based on diffractive optics to manage them, the design of photonics devices for image formation and material processing, or the fabrication of nanoparticles by direct laser ablation in liquids. Last years, he has been teaching Electromagnetism at the University Jaume I, and also involving in the co-direction of several Master’s and PhD’s thesis as well as about 10 different teacher innovation projects. At present, he is an active reviewer of contributions to scientific journals of the Optical Society of America.