Samantha B. Shelton

Molecular Biosciences

University of Texas at Austin

Samantha B. Shelton
Doctoral Researcher

Samantha Shelton received her doctorate in the Department of Molecular Biosciences at the University of Texas at Austin, working in the lab of Dr. Blerta Xhemalçe. During her doctoral work, she studied how the interaction between non-coding RNAs and the chromatin landscape influenced various cellular processes, including transcription and splicing. Her main work focused on understanding the importance of the interaction between the non-coding RNA modifying enzyme, MePCE, and chromatin through its binding to the tail of histone H4, and how this interaction influenced the transcription elongation process. This work included a combination of multiple techniques, including next-generation sequencing technology, cell-based applications, and enzymatic assays.

Samantha graduated from UT Austin in the winter of 2018 and joined 10X Genomics in early 2019 as a Technical Support Scientist. She is excited to continue working at the forefront of genomics research.