Shihui Liu

Civil and Environmental Engineering Department

Jackson State University

Shihui Liu

Shihui Liu is a Ph.D candidate in the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department, Jackson State University in Jackson, Mississippi. She received her bachelor degree from Hebei University of Architecture, and a master degree from Inner Mongolia University of Technology in China. She is working on her Ph.D degree in Jackson State University now.

Ms. Liu started her study in Jackson State University from Jan. 2017. During her studying in Jackson State University, she finished two projects related to MICP technique independently. She focus on MICP technique and tried to apply this technique to several different materials, she also studied how environmental factors influence the MICP-treated materials.


विसर्जन द्वारा Microbially प्रेरित Calcite वर्षा (MICP) के माध्यम से सैंडी मिट्टी सुधार

1Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering, Jackson State University, 2School of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Chongqing University of Science and Technology, 3Department of Civil & Architectural Engineering, Tennessee State University

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