Stefanie Gierszewski

Institute of Biology

University of Siegen

Stefanie Gierszewski

I am a behavioral biologist interested in fish behavior, currently studying the fascinating strategy of mate-choice copying. Here, individuals use public information from conspecifics to decide which mate to choose. I was part in developing "FishSim Animation Toolchain", a research tool for the creation, animation, and presentation of computer-animated fish stimuli for the use in behavioral experiments. The big advantages of using computer-animated stimuli in research are (1) the possibility for non-invasive manipulation of morphological and behavioral traits, and (2) the reduction of live test animals in experiments with regard to animal welfare.


En utilisant les outils de compilation FishSim Animation pour enquêter sur le comportement du poisson : une étude de cas sur la copie de-choix d’un partenaire en Sailfin Mollies

1Research Group of Ecology and Behavioral Biology, Institute of Biology, University of Siegen, 2University of Calgary, 3Institute of Real-Time Learning Systems, University of Siegen

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