Xavier Martini

Department of Entomology / North florida Research and Education Center

University of Florida

Xavier Martini
Assistant Professor in Entomology

My research focuses on different insect pest vectors of plant pathogens. Through the study of the ecology and behavior of the insect vectors of major plant pathogens in Florida, the focus of my program is to develop effective and bio-rational integrated pest management strategies to control the diseases they carry. The common ground of my program involves applied chemical ecology (i.e. plant-insect communication), and development of environmentally sound methods to control these pests. My current projects involve the study of thrips, whiteflies, Asian citrus psyllid, ambrosia beetles and eriophyid mites.


Sampling for Estimating Frankliniella Species Flower Thrips and Orius Species Predators in Field Experiments

1North Florida Research and Education Center, University of Florida, 2Animal and Plant Health Inspection Services, Plant Protection Quarantine, Miami Plant Inspection Station, United States Department of Agriculture, 3Agricultural Research Service, US Horticultural Research Laboratory, United States Department of Agriculture

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