JoVE Brain Research and Behavior Newsletter March 2019

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Agency over Robotic Prostheses

Dr. Paul D. Marasco’s lab at the Cleveland Clinic demonstrates a method for characterizing the sense of agency over the neural-machine interface control of virtual or robotic prosthetic hands.

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Maze Test for Assessing Anxiety-Related Behavior

Dr. Csilla Ari’s lab at the University of South Florida demonstrates the use of an elevated plus maze test and video tracking software to investigate the anxiolytic effect of ketogenic supplements.

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Administration of taVNS on the Human Ear

Dr. Bashar W. Badran, at the Medical University of South Carolina, and colleagues describe a technique for administering transcutaneous auricular vagus nerve stimulation (taVNS) on the ear.

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Brain Dynamics as a Function of Alcohol Intoxication

Dr. Ksenija Marinkovic, at San Diego State University, and colleagues describe how to examine frontal lobe neural synchrony during engagement of cognitive control as a function of acute alcohol intoxication.

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Defining Language’s Role in Infants’ Object Categorization

Dr. Sandra R. Waxman’s lab, at Northwestern University, describes how to utilize eye-tracking paradigms to define the role of language in infants’ object category learning.

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