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Essentials of Social Psychology

JoVE's Essentials of Social Psychology presents classical methods used to investigate how social contexts influence people's actions, thoughts, and attitudes. Bringing the scientific method into our everyday lives, these videos showcase the wide range of human reactions to different social situations. Moreover, this collection provides a transparent look into social experiments, in order to understand how researchers manipulate situations to elicit behaviors, such as prejudices that we may be subconsciously harboring.

Situational Factors in Helping

Moral Judgments

Perspectives on Social Psychology

Snap Judgments

Group Conformity

Misattribution of Arousal and Cognitive Dissonance

Marginal Dishonesty

Ostracism: The Cyberball Task

Inducing Emotions


Minimal Groups

Implicit Association Test

Nonconscious Mimicry

Construal Levels

Thinking Too Much

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