JoVE Monthly Highlights: September 2018

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CRISPR-Mediated Reorganization of Chromatin Loop Structure

Stefanie L. Morgan*1,2, Erin Y. Chang*1, Natasha C. Mariano1, Abel Bermudez3, Nicole L. Arruda4, Fanting Wu5, Yunhai Luo1, Gautam Shankar1, Star K. Huynh1, Chiao-Chain Huang5, Sharon J. Pitteri3, Kevin C. Wang1,2,6
* These authors contributed equally

Chromatin looping plays a significant role in gene regulation; however, there have been no technological advances that allow for selective and reversible modification of chromatin loops. Here we describe a powerful system for chromatin loop re-organization using CRISPR-dCas9 (CLOuD9), demonstrated to selectively and reversibly modulate gene expression at targeted loci.

Identification, Histological Characterization, and Dissection of Mouse Prostate Lobes for In Vitro 3D Spheroid Culture Models

Disharee Nath1,2, Julie R. White3,4, Gennady Bratslavsky1, Leszek Kotula1,2

Genetically engineered mice are useful models for investigating prostate cancer mechanisms. Here we present a protocol to identify and dissect prostate lobes from a mouse urogenital system, differentiate them based on histology, and isolate and culture the primary prostate cells in vitro as spheroids for downstream analyses.

Design and Use of an Apparatus for Quantifying Bivalve Suspension Feeding at Sea

Eve Galimany1, Julie M. Rose1, Mark S. Dixon1, Robert Alix1, Yaqin Li1, Gary H. Wikfors1

A flow-through device for using the biodeposition method to quantify filtration and feeding behavior of bivalve mollusks was modified for shipboard use. A two-dimensional gimbal table built around the device isolates the apparatus from boat motion, thereby allowing the accurate quantification of bivalve filtration variables at offshore shellfish aquaculture sites.

Multiscale Structures Aggregated by Imprinted Nanofibers for Functional Surfaces

Yeonho Jeong*1, Seok Kim*2, Nicholas Xuanlai Fang2, Seunghang Shin1, Hyunmin Choi1, Seonjun Kim1, Sin Kwon3, Young Tae Cho1
* These authors contributed equally

Presented is an easy method to fabricate nano-micro multiscale structures, for functional surfaces, by aggregating nanofibers fabricated using an anodic aluminum oxide filter.