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Sit-to-stand-and-walk from 120% Knee Height

Sit-to-stand-and-walk from 120% Knee Height: A Novel Approach to Assess Dynamic Postural Control Independent of Lead-limb

Article DOI: 10.3791/54323 08:24 min August 30th, 2016
August 30th, 2016



Here, we present a novel protocol to measure positional stability at key events during the sit-to-stand-to-walk using the center-of-pressure to the whole-body-center-of-mass distance. This was derived from the force platform and three-dimensional motion-capture technology. The paradigm is reliable and can be utilized for the assessment of neurologically compromised individuals.



Sit-to-stand Walk Dynamic Postural Control Lead-limb Protocol Positional Stability Transitional Movement Center Of Pressure Center Of Mass Stability Measurement Clinical Practice Recovery Rates Tracking Software Capture Frequency 3D Tracking Parameters Force Platform Components Calibration Settings
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