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In Situ Lithiated Reference Electrode

In Situ Lithiated Reference Electrode: Four Electrode Design for In-operando Impedance Spectroscopy

Article DOI: 10.3791/57375 09:36 min September 12th, 2018
September 12th, 2018



The incorporation of reference electrodes in a Li-ion battery provides valuable information to elucidate degradation mechanisms at high voltages. In this article, we present a cell design that accommodates multiple reference electrodes, along with the assembly steps to assure maximum accuracy of the data obtained in electrochemical measurements.



In Situ Lithiated Reference Electrode Four Electrode Design In-operando Impedance Spectroscopy Lithium Ion Batteries Degradation Factors Diagnostic Analysis Optimization Of Cell Components Copper Wire Jig Stripping Solution Stainless Steel Beaker Thermo Couple Hot Plate Polyurethane Coated Tin Plated Copper Wire Deionized Water
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