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Focal Laser Ablation of Prostate Cancer

Focal Laser Ablation of Prostate Cancer: An Office Procedure

Article DOI: 10.3791/61984-v 11:07 min March 30th, 2021
March 30th, 2021



This article presents and describes an outpatient treatment for prostate cancer using focal laser ablation. Laser catheter placement is guided by MRI-ultrasound fusion imaging in a fashion similar to prostate needle biopsy. Treatment is monitored in real-time with a thermal probe, placed adjacent to the laser fiber.



Focal Laser Ablation Prostate Cancer Treatment Surgery Radiation Outpatient Clinic Local Anesthesia Intermediate Risk Prostate Cancer Clinical Scientists Urology Radiology Pathology Biomedical Engineering Multiparametric MRI Image Fusion Device Biopsy Laser Fiber Ablation Infrared Light Energy Coagulation Necrosis Orion Device
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