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Fixation of Embryonic Mouse Tissue for Cytoneme Analysis

Fixation of Embryonic Mouse Tissue for Cytoneme Analysis

Article DOI: 10.3791/64100-v 08:46 min June 16th, 2022
June 16th, 2022



Here, an optimized step-by-step protocol is provided for fixation, immunostaining, and sectioning of embryos to detect specialized signaling filopodia called cytonemes in developing mouse tissues.



Fixation Embryonic Mouse Tissue Cytoneme Analysis Protocol Visualize Cytonemes Light Microscopy Endogenous Signaling Proteins Fluorescently-tagged Proteins Preservation Of Cytonemes Miriam Dillard Christina Daly Y Incision Peritoneal Cavity Uterus E 9.5 Embryo DMEM Growth Medium Yolk SAC Placenta Membranes HBSS Paraformaldehyde 24-well Plate Incubate Agitation Rocker
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