Направленной дифференцировки индуцированных плюрипотентных стволовых клеток по отношению к Т-лимфоцитов

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Lei, F., Haque, R., Xiong, X., Song, J. Directed Differentiation of Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells towards T Lymphocytes. J. Vis. Exp. (63), e3986, doi:10.3791/3986 (2012).

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Name Company Catalog Number Comments
C57BL/6J mice Jackson Laboratory 000664
B6.129S7-Rag1tm1Mom/J Jackson Laboratory 002216
Anti-CD3 (2C11) antibody BD Biosciences 553058
Anti-CD28 (37.51) antibody BD Biosciences 553295
Anti-CD3 (17A2) antibody BioLegend 100202
Anti-CD4 (GK1.5) antibody BioLegend 100417
Anti-CD8 (53-6.7) antibody BioLegend 100714
Anti-CD25 (3C7) antibody BioLegend 101912
Anti-CD44 (1M7) antibody BioLegend 103012
Anti-CD117 (2B8) antibody BioLegend 105812
Anti-TCR-β (H57597) antibody BioLegend 109220
Anti-IL-2 (JES6-5H4) antibody BioLegend 503810
Anti-IFN-γ (XMG1.2) antibody BioLegend 505822
DMEM Invitrogen ABCD1234
α-MEM Invitrogen A10490-01
FBS Hyclone SH3007.01
Brefeldin A Sigma-Aldrich B7651
Polybrene Sigma-Aldrich 107689
GeneJammer Integrated Sciences 204130
RNA kit Qiagen 74104
DNA kit Qiagen 69504
CD8 Isolation Kit Miltenyi Biotec 130-095-236
ACK lysis buffer Lonza Inc. 10-548E
mFlt-3L PeproTech Inc 250-31L
mIL-7 PeproTech Inc 217-17
Gelatin Sigma-Aldrich G9391
FITC-anti-OVA antibody Rockland Immunochemicals 200-4233
Permeabilization buffer Biolegend 421002
BSA Sigma-Aldrich A7906
Formaldehyde Sigma-Aldrich F8775
0.4 μm filter EMD Millipore
Moflo Cell Sorter Dako
Calibur Flow Cytometer BD Biosciences
LSR II Flow Cytometer BD Biosciences
Mouse restrainer Braintree Scientific, Inc.



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