Celia Martinez de la Torre

Department of Chemical and Biomedical Engineering

West Virginia University

Celia Martinez de la Torre
Graduate Research Assistant

Celia Martinez de la Torre is a graduate student at West Virginia University in the Chemical and Biomedical Engineering department. Her doctoral project is to develop an enhanced method for early detection of breast cancer that reduces the false negatives and false positives associated with current diagnostic imaging techniques. She aims to design and characterize novel tumor-targeted pH-sensitive manganese oxide nanoparticles for specific magnetic resonance imaging of the cancer site.

Celia received her B.S. in Chemical Engineering from West Virginia University in May 2018. During the second year of her doctorate, Celia has written two first author articles. Her career goal is to become a tenure-track faculty member to perform cutting-edge biomedical imaging research and teach undergraduate and graduate students. In addition to pursuing her Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering, Celia is working towards obtaining a higher education teaching certificate to refine her teaching technique and implement guest lectures in Biomedical Engineering Undergraduate courses, such as Biomaterials.