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Integrated Polymer Microprisms for Free Space Optical Beam Deflecting

Optics Express. Mar, 2009  |  Pubmed ID: 19259180

We demonstrate beam deflection and multiple channel communication in free space optical communications using microprisms integrated directly onto an array of vertical cavity surface emitting lasers (VCSELs). The design and fabrication of such a transmitter is presented, and shown to achieve beam deflection of up to 10 degrees in a planar configuration. A location discovery application, for use within a distributed network, is put forward and analysed.

Low-power Continuous-wave Generation of Visible Harmonics in Silicon Photonic Crystal Nanocavities

Optics Express. Dec, 2010  |  Pubmed ID: 21165010

We present the first demonstration of frequency conversion by simultaneous second- and third-harmonic generation in a silicon photonic crystal nanocavity using continuous-wave optical excitation. We observe a bright dual wavelength emission in the blue/green (450-525 nm) and red (675-790 nm) visible windows with pump powers as low as few microwatts in the telecom bands, with conversion efficiencies of ∼ 10 (-5) /W and ∼ 10/ W(2) for the second- and third-harmonic, respectively. Scaling behaviors as a function of pump power and cavity quality-factor are demonstrated for both second- and third order processes. Successful comparison of measured and calculated emission patterns indicates that third-harmonic is a bulk effect while second-harmonic is a surface-related effect at the sidewall holes boundaries. Our results are promising for obtaining practical low-power, continuous-wave and widely tunable multiple harmonic generation on a silicon chip.

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