Michael Glogauer

Faculty of Dentistry

University of Toronto

Michael Glogauer

Dr. Michael Glogauer is a DDS 9T3 graduate of the University of Toronto, Faculty of Dentistry and received his PhD and Diploma in Periodontology in 9T9 from the same institution. After completing a post-doctoral fellowship at Harvard he joined the University of Toronto, Faculty of Dentistry in 2002. His research focusing on the innate immune system and the periodontal diseases has been funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health continuously for more than 23 years. He is currently the Head of Dental Oncology at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre and the Head of Dentistry for University Health Network. He sits on the scientific advisory boards of multiple startups related to his research foci on bone regeneration, periodontal disease diagnostics and oral immunology. In 2019, Dr. Glogauer was honoured with a Fellowship in the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences.