Nuria Gutiérrez

Department of Developmental Psychology and Education

Universidad de la Laguna

Nuria Gutiérrez

I am a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology program by La Laguna University, Spain. I graduated in Psychology with a mention in Clinical Psychology from the University of the Basque Country (Spain). My master's degree was on Cognitive Neuroscience and Learning Disabilities from la Laguna University. The Canary Agency awarded me a full-time predoctoral grant for Research, Innovation, and Information Society. My interest in creating prediction models of learning disabilities enabled me to obtain a predoctoral research grant from the Canary Islands government. I am a member of the research group "Learning Disabilities, Psycholinguistics, and New Technologies," headed by Juan E. Jiménez, and I am a research collaborator at the Florida Center for Reading Research.

My research is focused on the psycholinguistic characteristics of the Spanish and application of Machine Learning to create predictive models in social sciences. My main contribution is the development of a Curriculum-Based Measure to identify students at risk for potential reading difficulties and to monitor the progress in the early skills of literary acquisition of those students who receive the Tier-2 (small group intervention) using a Response to Intervention Model.