Robert A. Barclay

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Robert A. Barclay
Dr. Robert A. Barclay

Dr. Robert A. Barclay received his PhD in Biosciences (concentration in microbiology and infectious disease) from George Mason University in May 2019. During his five years in the Kashanchi Lab, Dr. Barclay specialized in exosome/EV and infectious disease research, specializing in the relationship between exosomes/EVs and HIV. He has over 10 publications regarding exosome/EV isolation methods and the role of exosomes/EVs in HIV-1, Rift Valley Fever Virus, and Ebola Virus pathogenesis. Dr. Barclay currently works at Ceres Nanosciences Inc., aiding Ceres in the development of new technologies to improve clinical diagnostic tools, particularly those related to viruses and exosomes/EVs.



1Laboratory of Molecular Virology, School of Systems Biology, George Mason University, 2American Type Culture Collection (ATCC), 3ATCC Cell Systems, 4Ceres Nanosciences, Inc, 5Department of Immunology and Nano-medicine, Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine, Florida International University

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 Immunology and Infection