Sónia Alexandra Duarte Ribeiro

CHULN- Heart and Vessels Department and CCUL- Angiogenesis Unit

North Lisbon Universitary Hospital Centre, Portugal and Cardiovascular Centre of the University of Lisbon

Sónia Alexandra Duarte Ribeiro

Cardiopulmonary Technologist graduated in 2003 by the Lisbon School of Health Technology (ESTeSL) - Polytechnic Institute of Lisbon (IPL) .

Master Degree in Heath Management in 2010 by the National School of Public Health (Nova University Lisbon) focusing the Socioeconomic Equity in Cardiovascular Diseases in Portugal.

Specialization in non-invasive cardiovascular diagnostic procedures, such as cardiac and vascular ultrasound scans.In 2012 started the Vascular Laboratory in the Vascular Surgery unit of the Heart and Vessels Department at North of Lisbon Hospital Center – Hospital de Santa Maria. Collaboration since 2008 with several research groups regarding cardiovascular diseases in transversal, longitudinal and translaccional studies.