Saman A. Aryana

Department of Chemical Engineering

University of Wyoming

Saman A. Aryana
Associate Professor

Saman A. Aryana is an associate professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering at the University of Wyoming. He received his undergraduate from the University of Texas at Arlington, and a PhD from Stanford University.

Dr. Aryana’s research interests lie primarily in the multiscale nature and the fundamental physics of flow dynamics in the context of hierarchical permeable media. His aim is to understand the relevant physics across the wide range of length and time scales present in complex media and translate that understanding across all relevant scales and in service of predictive descriptions of large-scale systems.

During his time at the University of Wyoming, Dr. Aryana developed a microfluidics laboratory from the group up. This microfluidic platform is used to provide experimental observations of flow dynamics in surrogate media. These observations guide development of mathematical models that honor the multiscale and multiphysics nature of hierarchical permeable media.