Santiago Martín González

Department of Construction and Manufacturing Engineering

University of Oviedo

Santiago Martín González

Santiago Martín is a Lecturer in the University of Oviedo. He received his Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering in this institution in 1997 and subsequently started working as an environmental specialist in several private companies and in the Asturias regional government. Since 2003 Dr. Martin has become a professor in this institution, working in the fields of virtual reality, computer graphics and computer vision. He is interested in the application of those technologies, by means of serious games, in health care and industrial training.

Dr. Martín main research collaboration has taken place with the School of Optometry of the CA Bekeley University (Dr. Dennis Levi and Dr. Jian Ding) in the field of perceptual learning applied to visual therapy. In parallel, Dr. Martín has promoted, with the support of the University of Oviedo, the creation of the startup VisionaryTool.