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Nanosponge Tunability in Size and Crosslinking Density

Nanosponge Tunability in Size and Crosslinking Density

Article DOI: 10.3791/56073-v 11:15 min August 4th, 2017
August 4th, 2017



This article describes a process for tuning the size and crosslinking density of covalently crosslinked nanoparticles from linear polyesters containing pendant functionality. By tailoring synthesis parameters (polymer molecular weight, pendant functionality incorporation, and crosslinker equivalents), a desired nanoparticle size and crosslinking density can be achieved for drug delivery applications.


Keywords: Nanosponge Size Crosslinking Density Drug Delivery Polymer Networks Hydrogels Microparticles Tin Triflate 3-methyl-1-butanol Anhydrous DCM AVL VL Methanol Solid Support Scavenger Rotary Evaporation VLAVL Co-polymer
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