JoVE Science Education Advanced Biology

Advanced Biology

Welcome to JoVE Science Education, the revolutionary video database dedicated to teaching laboratory fundamentals through simple, easy to understand video demonstrations.

Essentials of Neuroscience

JoVE's fifth Science Education collection provides an introduction to the field of neuroscience. These videos offer a glimpse of neuroscience at the practical and professional level, through an exploration of five major branches of study: neurophysiology, neuroanatomy, cell and molecular neuroscience, behavioral neuroscience, and developmental neuroscience. In addition to presenting the key questions asked by scientists from these subfields, the collection describes some of the most prominent methods used by today’s most brainy researchers while making exciting discoveries regarding nervous system function.

Essentials of Developmental Biology

This sixth Science Education collection introduces the field of developmental biology. Researchers in this discipline endeavor to understand the developmental processes that occur in organisms at every stage - starting from the single-celled embryo to the aging adult. Based on current science, this collection is divided into five sub-categories: developmental genetics, molecular developmental biology, stem cell biology, organogenesis, and aging and regeneration. The following videos provide a brief history of developmental biology research and discuss the common lab techniques used to answer key questions asked by experts in this field.

Essentials of Genetics

The physical and behavioral traits of all living organisms are shaped by the genetic information that they inherit from their parents. The eighth collection in the JoVE Science Education series focuses on genetics, the study of how genes build traits and how they are passed down from generation to generation. The collection is divided into five modules covering broad subdisciplines: the genetics of individuals and populations, genetics and disease, gene expression, epigenetics, and genetic engineering. These videos briefly overview important discoveries and basic concepts of each field, introduce key questions being asked by geneticists today, and discuss common tools and experimental approaches used to study and manipulate genes.

Essentials of Cell Biology

JoVE's ninth Science Education collection provides a glimpse into the field of cell biology. Despite the first observation of cells in the 1600s, scientists are still trying to decipher the questions related to the structure, growth, division, function, and dysfunction of cells. This collection profiles five important cellular phenomena: cell division, motility, endo- and exocytosis, metabolism and cell death. The videos review some of the landmark discoveries associated with these phenomena, highlight a few unanswered questions, and introduce the prominent methods used in cell biology labs today.

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