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Environmental Sciences

Welcome to JoVE Science Education, the revolutionary video database dedicated to teaching laboratory fundamentals through simple, easy to understand video demonstrations.

Essentials of Environmental Science

The twelfth collection of the JoVE Science Education series utilizes an interdisciplinary approach to exploring and evaluating environmental systems. This collection provides a framework for understanding and studying key aspects of the environment and for identifying and measuring environmental phenomena. These videos enable the viewer to look deeper into environmental issues by highlighting important topics ranging from soil and water contaminants and invasive species to alternative energy and forestry.

Essentials of Environmental Microbiology

The microbial communities in the environment and their roles in ecosystems are essential to regulating natural locations on Earth. JoVE's thirteenth collection provides an introduction to these processes and communities, highlighting microbiological roles and systems including fungi, bacteria, viruses, and algae. These videos also explore common methods used to study environmental microbiology, including Gram staining, DNA extraction, the polymerase chain reaction, culturing, and enumeration techniques.

Essentials of Earth Science

JoVE’s Essentials of Earth Science is a comprehensive collection featuring topics that range from geology to geochemistry.   Several videos are dedicated to the analysis of large-scale rock formations, and illustrate how geologic cross sections can be generated and then analyzed, in order to provide information about subsurface structures. On the smaller scale, other videos examine the physical and chemical properties of minerals, including crystal formation and cleavage.  With respect to geochemistry, this collection presents a series of methods aimed to isolate and quantify lipid biomarkers for paleoclimatology - the study of Earth’s climate millions of years ago. Taken together, these geochemistry experiments demonstrate to students how a series of techniques synergize to achieve an overall experimental goal.

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