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Essentials of Behavioral Science

Behavior is a complex phenomenon and scientists are trying to decode the neural mechanisms by which our systems produce and are affected by behavior. JoVE's seventh Science Education collection presents the fundamentals of behavior neuroscience. This collection is sub-divided on the basis of different aspects of human behavior such as learning, memory, cognition, movement, addiction and behavioral disorders. The videos briefly explain the neurobiology of behavior, discuss concepts behind prominent techniques, introduce important questions being asked by scientists and provide protocols to run behavioral experiments.

Essentials of Experimental Psychology

This tenth collection in the JoVE Science Education series explores human behavior within distinct research contexts. Specifically, the collection provides a framework for observing how psychological experiments are embedded in the actual research process—from initial design to formulating conclusions. Understanding the methodology—how experimental psychologists arrive at conclusions—is as important as the facts and conclusions themselves. This video series supports such learning, as a number of topics are creatively explained, ranging from the use of confederates to placebo effects and ethical considerations.

Essentials of Cognitive Psychology

JoVE's eleventh collection describes a number of influential paradigms used to study complex mental processes underlying attention, perception, and learning and memory. The videos clearly illustrate the chronology of experiments—how to design stimuli and obtain data for both simple, pen-and-paper approaches to more involved computer-based executions. Regardless of the methodology performed, the concepts explore the applied limits of human cognition.

Essentials of Developmental Psychology

JoVE's Essentials of Developmental Psychology collection explores the experimental domains of attention and perception, reasoning, social learning, and memory processes-highlighting the dynamic changes that emerge throughout infancy and childhood. Based upon many classic studies in the field, this series creatively illuminates the unique challenges in devising tasks targeted towards normative developmental processes, including how to study infants before they can talk, and how repeated questioning can lead children to form false memories.

Essentials of Neuropsychology

JoVE’s Essentials of Neuropsychology collection presents multidisciplinary techniques in behavior, neurophysiology, anatomy, and functional imaging. Well-known behavioral paradigms, such as the Iowa Gambling Task, are demonstrated to diagnose brain damage and mental disorders. Neurophysiological methods, ranging from non-invasive brain stimulation to understanding how cardiac regulation relates to emotional recognition, are also discussed. Moreover, a number of functional magnetic resonance imaging techniques explores how the brain responds in particular behavioral states and to various objects.

Essentials of Sensation and Perception

JoVE’s Essentials of Sensation and Perception collection delves into a variety of procedures to study how the brain processes our complex sensory world and solves problems confronting conscious awareness and visual, tactile, and auditory perception. The videos explore just how well the brain creates assumptions during illusions, such as motion-induced blindness, and even chooses to ignore blatant objects in direct view, like when attention is focused on a demanding task.

Essentials of Social Psychology

JoVE's Essentials of Social Psychology presents classical methods used to investigate how social contexts influence people's actions, thoughts, and attitudes. Bringing the scientific method into our everyday lives, these videos showcase the wide range of human reactions to different social situations. Moreover, this collection provides a transparent look into social experiments, in order to understand how researchers manipulate situations to elicit behaviors, such as prejudices that we may be subconsciously harboring.

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