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Bruke fluorescensaktivert Cell Sorting å undersøke Cell-Type-Specific genuttrykk i Rat hjernevev

Published: May 28, 2015 doi: 10.3791/52537


Name Company Catalog Number Comments
Neural Dissociation Kit (P) Miltenyi Biotec 130-092-628
Myelin Removal Beads II Miltenyi Biotec 130-096-733
LS Columns Miltenyi Biotec 130-042-401
QuadroMACS Separator Miltenyi Biotec 130-090-976
MACS MultiStand Miltenyi Biotec 130-042-303
Nylon Mesh Sheet Amazon CMN-0074-10YD 40 inch width, 80 micron size mesh
Fc Block / anti-CD32 BD Biosciences BDB550270 reactivity for rat
APC-conjugated CD11b antibody Biolegend 201809 reactivity for rat
Rabbit anti-GLT1 Novus Biologicals NBP1-20136 reactivity for rat or human
PE-conjugated anti-rabbit secondary antibody eBioscience 1037259 secondary antibody for anti-GLT1
FITC-conjugated anti-rat CD90 (Thy1) mouse antibody Biolegend 202504 reactivity for rat



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Bruke fluorescensaktivert Cell Sorting å undersøke Cell-Type-Specific genuttrykk i Rat hjernevev
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Schwarz, J. M. Using FluorescenceMore

Schwarz, J. M. Using Fluorescence Activated Cell Sorting to Examine Cell-Type-Specific Gene Expression in Rat Brain Tissue. J. Vis. Exp. (99), e52537, doi:10.3791/52537 (2015).

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