JoVE Monthly Highlights: July 2018

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Syringe-injectable Mesh Electronics for Stable Chronic Rodent Electrophysiology

Thomas G. Schuhmann Jr.1, Tao Zhou2, Guosong Hong2, Jung Min Lee2,3, Tian-Ming Fu2, Hong-Gyu Park3, Charles M. Lieber1,2

Mesh electronics probes seamlessly integrate and provide stable, long-term, single-neuron level recording within the brain. This protocol uses mesh electronics for in vivo experiments, involving the fabrication of mesh electronics, loading into needles, stereotaxic injection, input/output interfacing, recording experiments, and histology of tissue containing mesh probes.

A Video Surveillance System to Monitor Breeding Colonies of Common Terns (Sterna Hirundo)

Jennifer Lynn Wall*1, Paul R. Marbán*2, David F. Brinker3, Jeffery D. Sullivan4, Mia Zimnik5, Jennifer L. Murrow6, Peter C. McGowan7, Carl R. Callahan7, Diann J. Prosser8
* These authors contributed equally

This paper describes a protocol that uses a remote video monitoring surveillance system to continuously monitor breeding colonies of ground-nesting waterbirds. The system includes five cameras monitoring individual nests and one camera monitoring the colony as a whole, and is powered by car batteries that are recharged via solar panels.

Corneal Epithelial Abrasion with Ocular Burr As a Model for Cornea Wound Healing

Solja Kalha1, Alison Kuony1, Frederic Michon1,2

This protocol describes a method to inflict an abrasion to the ocular surface of the mouse, and to follow the wound healing process thereafter. The protocol takes advantage of an ocular burr to partially remove the surface epithelium of the eye in anaesthetized mice.

Characterization of Glycoproteins with the Immunoglobulin Fold by X-Ray Crystallography and Biophysical Techniques

June Ereño-Orbea*1, Taylor Sicard*1,2, Hong Cui1, Indira Akula1, Jean-Philippe Julien1,2,3
* These authors contributed equally

We present approaches for the biophysical and structural characterization of glycoproteins with the immunoglobulin fold by biolayer interferometry, isothermal titration calorimetry, and X-ray crystallography.