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Surface Renewal
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Surface Renewal: An Advanced Micrometeorological Method for Measuring and Processing Field-Scale Energy Flux Density Data

Article DOI: 10.3791/50666-v 09:55 min December 12th, 2013
December 12th, 2013



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Surface renewal is a micrometeorological method that is being used increasingly to determine energy fluxes, but its technical complexity makes it inaccessible to a broad audience. We describe the steps needed to set up and calibrate a surface renewal field station, to acquire and process data, and to correctly interpret results.


Surface Renewal Micrometeorological Method Energy Flux Density Field-scale Advanced Techniques Soil Science Crop Science Environmental Science Boundary Layer Meteorology Instrumentation Data Management Programs Accessibility Field Station Eddy Covariance Calibration Turnkey Data Logger Program Flux Data Acquisition And Processing Open-source Program Quality Control Parameters Crop Water Use Measurement Irrigation Decisions Agricultural Ecosystems
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