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Microfluidic Pneumatic Cages

Microfluidic Pneumatic Cages: A Novel Approach for In-chip Crystal Trapping, Manipulation and Controlled Chemical Treatment

Article DOI: 10.3791/54193 09:34 min July 12th, 2016
July 12th, 2016



Herein, we describe the fabrication and operation of a double-layer microfluidic system made of polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS). We demonstrate the potential of this device for trapping, directing the coordination pathway of a crystalline molecular material and controlling chemical reactions onto on-chip trapped structures.



Microfluidic Pneumatic Cages In-chip Crystal Trapping Manipulation Controlled Chemical Treatment Materials Science Self-assembled Structures Silanized Master Mold SU8 Photolithography Fouling Particle PDMS Mixture Elastomer Curing Agent Desiccator Vacuum Degassing
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