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Determination of the Settling Rate of Clay/Cyanobacterial Floccules

Determination of the Settling Rate of Clay/Cyanobacterial Floccules

Article DOI: 10.3791/57176 06:00 min June 11th, 2018
June 11th, 2018



The interaction and sedimentation of the clay and bacterial cells within the marine realm, observed in natural environments, can be best investigated in a controlled lab environment. Here, we describe a detailed protocol, which outlines a novel method for measuring the sedimentation rate of clay and cyanobacterial floccules.



Settlement Rate Clay Cyanobacterial Floccules Sedimentology Organic-rich Sediments Oxygenated Conditions Quantitative Results Visual Record Cyanobacterial Cultures Erlenmeyer Flasks Hydrochloric Acid Solution Liquid Media Gas Permeable Foam Stoppers Aluminum Foil Autoclave Inoculation Loop Growth Chamber Culture Growth
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