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A High-throughput, High-content, Liquid-based C. elegans Pathosystem

A High-throughput, High-content, Liquid-based C. elegans Pathosystem

Article DOI: 10.3791/58068 09:44 min July 1st, 2018
July 1st, 2018



Here we describe a protocol that is an adaptable, whole host, high-content screening tool that can be utilized to study host-pathogen interactions and be used for drug discovery.



High-throughput High-content Liquid-based C. Elegans Pathosystem Host-pathogen Interaction Drug Discovery Virulence Factors Small Molecules Liquid Format Small Volumes BSL 2 Biosafety Cabinet P. Aeruginosa LB Agar Plate Incubate Store Assay Plates Inoculate Sterile LB Broth Slow Kill Media SK Media Bacterial Spreader Biosafety Cabinet RNAi Bacterial Strains 24 Well Deep Well Plate Carbenicillin Supplemented LB
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