Emilie Gontran

Collective Invasion Department

Institut Gustave Roussy

Emilie Gontran
Research Engineer

Emilie Gontran is a Research Engineer in the Collective Invasion Department of Gustave Roussy Institute in Fanny Jaulin’s team, where she takes part to development in research projects aiming at unraveling the mechanisms of colorectal cancer collective cell dissemination, with a multidisciplinary approach using cell and molecular biology, oncology, biophysics and microfluidics. She received a PhD from the Université Paris Sud/ Université Paris-Saclay (France), after having worked on bioengineering approaches and biophysical models for brain tumor study.

As a postdoctoral research fellow (2017 to 2020) in Pascale Dupuis-Williams’ team focusing on ciliopathies in the liver, she developed physiopathological cell culture models in 2D and 3D in the context of biliary dysgenesis and epithelial malformations featured in ciliopathies. In particular, she settled biophysical studies for cell migration and cell rigidity analyses, 3D models of organogenesis and cell-ECM interactions, in the context of the work package intended to the bio-fabrication of biliary ducts of the Ilite (Innovation in Liver Tissue Bioengineering) project, funded by the French National Research Agency.