Pascale Dupuis-Williams

Physiopathogenesis and Treatment of Liver Diseases

ESPCI-PSL and Université Paris Saclay

Pascale Dupuis-Williams
Associate Professor

Pascale Dupuis-Williams is an Associate Professor at ESPCI-PSL in Paris and Université Paris Saclay. She received her PhD in Cell and Molecular Biology for her work in Dr. Beisson’s lab at the CNRS, France on tubulin diversity and functions in Paramecium. Dr. Dupuis-Williams was a post-doctoral fellow of the European Community.

Dr. Dupuis-Williams’ work focuses on liver diseases associated with cilia-related diseases and combines a broad range of molecular, cellular and biochemical approaches. As the head of the team “Ciliopathies in the liver”, she developed 3D biliary organoids models and is responsible for the Work package intended to bio-fabrication of biliary ducts of the Ilite (Innovation in Liver Tissue Bioengineering) project, funded by the French National Research Agency.