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Contrasting Patterns of Nucleotide Polymorphism at the Alcohol Dehydrogenase Locus in the Outcrossing Arabidopsis Lyrata and the Selfing Arabidopsis Thaliana

Molecular Biology and Evolution. Apr, 2000  |  Pubmed ID: 10742055

Nucleotide variation at the alcohol dehydrogenase locus (Adh) was studied in the outcrossing Arabidopsis lyrata, a close relative of the selfing Arabidopsis thaliana. Overall, estimated nucleotide diversity in the North American ssp. lyrata and two European ssp. petraea populations was 0.0038, lower than the corresponding specieswide estimate for A. thaliana at the same set of nucleotide sites. The distribution of segregating sites across the gene differed between the two species. Estimated sequence diversity within an A. lyrata population with a large sample size (0.0023) was much higher than has previously been observed for A. thaliana. This North American population has an excess of sites at intermediate frequencies compared with neutral expectation (Tajima's D = 2.3, P < 0.005), suggestive of linked balancing selection or a recent population bottleneck. In contrast, an excess of rare polymorphisms has been found in A. thaliana. Polymorphism within A. lyrata and divergence from A. thaliana appear to be correlated across the Adh gene sequence. The geographic distribution of polymorphism was quite different from that of A. thaliana, for which earlier studies of several genes found low within-population nucleotide site polymorphism and no overall continental differentiation of variation despite large differences in site frequencies between local populations. Differences between the outcrossing A. lyrata and the selfing A. thaliana reflect the impact of differences in mating system and the influence of bottlenecks in A. thaliana during rapid colonization on DNA sequence polymorphism. The influence of additional variability-reducing mechanisms, such as background selection or hitchhiking, may not be discernible.

ELISA D-dimer Measurement for the Clinical Suspicion of Pulmonary Embolism in the Emergency Department: One-year Observational Study of the Safety Profile and Physician's Prescription

Acta Clinica Belgica. Jul-Aug, 2003  |  Pubmed ID: 14635531

To validate the safety profile of a rapid ELISA D-dimer as the first diagnostic step in the clinical suspicion of pulmonary embolism (PE) in outpatients admitted to an emergency department (ED), and to retrospectively evaluate the appropriateness of the physician's prescription.

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