Jianwei Li

Department of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

Tennessee State University

Jianwei Li

Jianwei Li is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, Tennessee State University, Nashville TN. He studied agriculture and environment in China, and graduated in 1997 with a bachelor degree at China Agricultural University, Beijing. After working for two years as research assistant in Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, he moved to North Carolina in US and obtained his Ph.D. degree in Environmental Science at Duke University, Durham NC, with a thesis on effects of land use changes on soil biogeochemistry in Southeastern US region. After his postdoctoral training in soil ecology and modeling in University of Kansas and University of Oklahoma, he accepted the current tenure track faculty position in 2014.

His research seeks to understand how climate change factors alter soil microbial processes, and the degree to which these changes feedback to long-term carbon and nutrients cycling in soils and terrestrial ecosystems (e.g., bioenergy cropland). His interdisciplinary research integrates field and laboratory observations as well as modeling approaches to address questions that intersect external disturbances and terrestrial biogeochemical cycles. His current research projects focus on thermal variations on mineralization of soil organic matter in croplands, and assimilating long-term field and incubation data with mechanistic models to improve soil model predictions in response to climate warming.

Dr. Li was awarded for his excellent service to overseas Chinese ecologist association and the Oosting student fellow at Duke University, and he has served in the editorial board of Scientific Reports since 2015.


Chemically-blocked Antibody Microarray for Multiplexed High-throughput Profiling of Specific Protein Glycosylation in Complex Samples

1Institute for Hepatitis and Virus Research, 2Department of Microbiology and Immunology, Thomas Jefferson University, 3Drexel University College of Medicine, 4Van Andel Research Institute, 5Institute for Hepatitis and Virus Research, Serome Biosciences Inc.

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