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Aerostatically Tunable Optomechanical Oscillators

Optics Express. Jan, 2014  |  Pubmed ID: 24515132

Recently, the first microfluidic optomechanical device was demonstrated, capable of operating with non-solid states of matter (viscous fluids, bioanalytes). These devices exhibit optomechanical oscillation in both the 10-20 MHz and 10-12 GHz regimes, driven by radiation pressure (RP) and stimulated Brillouin scattering (SBS) respectively. In this work, we experimentally investigate aerostatic tuning of these hollow-shell oscillators, enabled by geometry, stress, and temperature effects. We also demonstrate for the first time the simultaneous actuation of RP-induced breathing mechanical modes and SBS-induced whispering gallery acoustic modes, through a single pump laser. Our result is a step towards completely self-referenced optomechanical sensor technologies.

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