Posts from Namrata Sengupta Ph.D.

  • Post ImageFebruary 23, 2018Recent efficacy study shows JoVE videos can immediately enhance STEM curriculum – significantly improving student performance and confidenceRead More
  • Post ImageJanuary 16, 2018Is your 50-min lecture enough to support the maker-dreams of tomorrow’s engineers?Read More
  • Post ImageNovember 6, 2017Watch-learn-cure-repeat: videos for today’s patient-care practitionersRead More
  • Post ImageOctober 3, 2017Video Teaching Guides to Nobel-Prize Winning TechniquesRead More
  • Post ImageSeptember 28, 2017Unlocking the Challenge and Sharing Clues to Find a Cure for Childhood CancerRead More
  • Post ImageSeptember 26, 2017Biogen Saves $100,000 and 1,400 Hours Using JoVE For TrainingRead More
  • Post ImageSeptember 25, 2017GlaxoSmithKline Saves Months in Training Time After JoVE PublicationRead More
  • Post ImageSeptember 1, 2017From Space Exploration to Disease Treatments: Watch the Winning Videos from JoVE’s Film Your Research ContestRead More
  • Post ImageAugust 22, 2017Film Your Research Contest – Finalists’ Videos (Part 2)Read More
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