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Leading producer and publisher of video resources for science education and research.

12,000+ videos

illustrating key techniques and concepts in science, engineering and medicine

1,000+ subscribing institutions

including higher education institutions, biotech labs, schools and hospitals

10+ languages

available in the form of translated closed captions on several JoVE videos
Clearly visualize details of experimental protocols, improving research reproducibility, productivity, and lab training efficiency.
Peer-reviewed video journal for cutting-edge experimental research. PubMed and Web of Science indexed.
Step-by-step demonstrations of standard research techniques for various model organisms.
“Instead of trying to learn a technique from the literature for six months, new researchers can master the method in a few days. As such, everything is streamlined with JoVE.”
– Jeanette Moore, Lab Manager at the University of Alaska Fairbanks
“It [JoVE video] shows everything that was used for the protocol. It can actually bring other researchers to the point where they can, in their laboratory, get the same results that we were getting in the JoVE publication.”
– Marilene Pavan, Lab Manager at Boston University
Use high-impact animations and videos of lab demonstrations to boost learning outcomes in basic or advanced STEM courses.
Clinical and scientific fundamentals, from concepts to methods, across 8 disciplines.
Concepts and protocols for common introductory labs in biology and chemistry.
Video textbook that introduces foundational concepts.
Studies show that after watching JoVE Education videos:
96% of students reported improved comprehension of key scientific concepts. 1
Science test scores increased by up to 100%.
90% of students felt more confident in the lab.2
JoVE access includes several additional resources and services, designed to support your instruction or lab needs:
  • Syllabus Mapping: Our Customer Success team of on-staff Ph.D.’s can create a playlist of JoVE videos mapped to your course syllabus or lab training program. These playlists are easy to share with others, or to edit as per your needs.
  • Teaching Guides: Need to integrate JoVE videos into Google Classroom, MS Sway, MS PowerPoint or embed them into your learning management system? Need tips for bringing your lab course online? Check out these resources.
  • JoVE Quizzes: All JoVE Science Education videos are accompanied by a set of 5-10 quiz questions, which can be used to test students’ engagement and comprehension. You can also add questions of your own.
  • Dedicated Customer Support: Get the most out of JoVE access with the support of our Customer Success team, who can help you integrate JoVE videos into your syllabus or research lab, host webinar training sessions, or answer any questions you may have.

1Ramachandran, R., Sparck, M., & Levis-Fitzgerald, M. (2019). Investigating the Effectiveness of Using Application-Based Science Education Videos in a General Chemistry Lecture Course. Journal of Chemical Education 96(3), 479-485.
2Mutch-Jones, K., Sengupta, N., Minor, V. C., & Goudsouzian, L. K. (2020). Professional science education videos improve student performance in nonmajor and intermediate biology laboratory courses. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Education. Advance online publication.

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