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Automated Radiochemical Synthesis of [18F]3F4AP

Automated Radiochemical Synthesis of [18F]3F4AP: A Novel PET Tracer for Imaging Demyelinating Diseases

Article DOI: 10.3791/55537 11:03 min May 29th, 2017
May 29th, 2017



We demonstrate the semi-automated radiochemical synthesis of [18F]3F4AP and quality control procedures.



Automated Radiochemical Synthesis [18F]3F4AP PET Tracer Imaging Demyelinating Diseases Labeling Method Pulse Radio Labeling Hydrogenation F-18 Labeled PET Radio Tracers Cyclotron Half Life Synthesis Procedure Tetrabutylammonium Bicarbonate Acetonitrile Precursor Stock Solution Anhydrous Acetonitrile 0.2% Oxalic Acid In Methanol
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