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Aerosol-assisted Chemical Vapor Deposition of Metal Oxide Structures

Aerosol-assisted Chemical Vapor Deposition of Metal Oxide Structures: Zinc Oxide Rods

Article DOI: 10.3791/56127 06:39 min September 14th, 2017
September 14th, 2017



Columnar zinc oxide structures in the form of rods are synthesized via aerosol-assisted chemical vapor deposition without the use of pre-deposited catalyst-seed particles. This method is scalable and compatible with various substrates based on either silicon, quartz or polymers.



Aerosol-assisted Chemical Vapor Deposition Metal Oxide Structures Zinc Oxide Rods Silicon-based Micro-machine Platforms Catalyst Seeds Columnar Metal Oxide Structures Catalyzer Vapor Solid Mechanist Processing Temperatures Substrates Silicon Substrate Isopropanol Deionized Water Nitrogen Stainless Steel Cylindrical Reaction Cell Gas Sensors Shadow Mask
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