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Imaging-Guided Bioreactor for Generating Bioengineered Airway Tissue

Imaging-Guided Bioreactor for Generating Bioengineered Airway Tissue

Article DOI: 10.3791/63544-v 11:01 min April 6th, 2022
April 6th, 2022



The protocol describes an imaging-enabled bioreactor that allows the selective removal of the endogenous epithelium from the rat trachea and homogenous distribution of exogenous cells on the lumen surface, followed by long-term in vitro culture of the cell-tissue construct.



Imaging-guided Bioreactor Bioengineered Airway Tissue In Vitro Cultivation Microscopic Visualization Tissue Manipulation Procedures De-epithelization Airway Tissue Regeneration In Situ Imaging Tracheal Lumen Endogenous Epithelium Exogenous Cells Bioreactive Platform Disease Modeling Drug Screening Imaging-enabled Airway Tissue Bioreactor PhD Students Mohammad Mir Jiawen Chen Tube Lens Lens Tube Retaining Ring Lens Table Assembly Scientific CMOS Camera, C-mount Adapter Micromanager Software Photos And Videos Acquisition Optical Cage System Components Filter Lens
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