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الليزر مسح ضوئي للدوائر الدماغ الأمامي المستهدفة Optogenetically

Published: December 27, 2013 doi: 10.3791/50915


Name Company Catalog Number Comments
Polybrene Santa Cruz Biotech SC134220
Paraformaldehyde 32% solution EMS 15714
VECTASHIELD Vector Labs H-1400
AAV viral constructs UNC Vector Core NA
Mouse stereotactic headholder Stoelting 51730
Nanocool injector Harvard Apparatus 703040
UV laser: 355 nm, Nd:YVO4; 1 W; DPSS Lasers, Inc 3500
Galvonometers Cambridge Scanning 6210
mirrors Cambridge Scanning 6m2003S-A
mount Cambridge Scanning 6102103L
cable Cambridge Scanning 6010-19-120
driver/controller Cambridge Scanning 67121-1
Shutter - ZM coated (UV-compatible) Uniblitz L23-ZM2
Shutter Controller Uniblitz VMM-D1
Current Amplifier Stanford Research Systems SR570
6713 board National Instruments 777741-01
2110 break-out box National Instruments 777643-01
PCI-MIO-16E-4 National Instruments 777383-01
BNC-2090 National Instruments 777270-01
Cables National Instruments 184749-01
MATLAB Mathworks
TCS SP2 Leica Microsystems



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الليزر مسح ضوئي للدوائر الدماغ الأمامي المستهدفة Optogenetically
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Lee, C. C., Lam, Y. W., Imaizumi,More

Lee, C. C., Lam, Y. W., Imaizumi, K., Sherman, S. M. Laser-scanning Photostimulation of Optogenetically Targeted Forebrain Circuits. J. Vis. Exp. (82), e50915, doi:10.3791/50915 (2013).

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