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Using an Automated Cell Counter to Simplify Gene Expression Studies
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Using an Automated Cell Counter to Simplify Gene Expression Studies: siRNA Knockdown of IL-4 Dependent Gene Expression in Namalwa Cells

Article DOI: 10.3791/1904-v 10:35 min April 14th, 2010
April 14th, 2010



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This procedure describes a quick and easy workflow to introduce siRNA into difficult to transfect cell lines and follow gene expression by real-time PCR. Use of an automated cell counter, multi-well electroporation plate, and automated electrophoresis station provide quick and reliable results without the need for expensive robotic handling.


Automated Cell Counter Gene Expression Studies SiRNA Knockdown IL-4 Dependent Gene Expression Namalwa Cells Cellular Models Electroporation Nucleic Acids Transfection Signaling Pathway Experimental Stages Post Transfection Real-time PCR Gene Expression Analysis Transcriptional Activator STAT6 CCL17 Burkitt Lymphoma Cell Line
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