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Using Tomoauto

Using Tomoauto: A Protocol for High-throughput Automated Cryo-electron Tomography

Article DOI: 10.3791/53608 11:33 min January 30th, 2016
January 30th, 2016



We present a protocol on how to utilize high-throughput cryo-electron tomography to determine high resolution in situ structures of molecular machines. The protocol permits large amounts of data to be processed, avoids common bottlenecks and reduces resource downtime, allowing the user to focus on important biological questions.



Tomoauto High-throughput Automated Cryo-electron Tomography Data Handling New Generation Detectors Automated Tilt-series Collection Software Software Packages Pipeline Tomogram Analysis Cryo-ET Electron Microscope 3D Reconstruction Bacteria Shigella Flexneri Minicells Electron Microscopy Grids Low-magnification Maps Fluorescent Screen
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